Tuesday, 27 May 2014



Soon after we left Denmark it started to rain, so there wasn’t much sightseeing to be done.  

Too wet to stop at the Gloucester Tree near Pemberton.  We did have a pit stop in Pemberton for refuelling, under great difficulties.  Rain and wind!  There was a bakery and the pie report is that they were good!  Millie enjoyed her sausage roll.
We got to Augusta and pulled in at the first caravan park.  It was called Westbay Retreat.  This was a very different sort of park. The sign at the entrance said choose your own spot and someone will come around the collect the fees.  It was almost like being in the bush, but with amenities.  There were large green grassy areas and plenty of trees.  

The river was just at the end of the park.  

The dogs were able to have plenty of space and we could even have a fire.  The amenities block was very different, rustic but with a lot of charm.  

There were only a couple of other visitors in the park, but quite a large area with permanent cabins.  It proved to be a great spot and we stayed longer than originally intended as it was so good.  


It was only about 45 kilometres from Margaret River so handy for day trips. Voyager Estate Winery was a beautiful location for a delicious lunch one day.  

The gardens there were incredible - hundreds of roses still blooming.

There are 6 full time gardeners there to keep everything looking gorgeous.  The lawns were amazing - like a lush green carpet.

Augusta was  a nice little town.  There were enough shops for anything we needed, a pub with a superb view and the location on the river was very attractive.  
The only drawback was the rain.  It kept up, on and off, for the whole time we were there.  We had another day trip to the north of Margaret River.  We stopped off for a coffee break in Cowaramup. They have all these fantastic cows around the town.

 We had gone to Busselton to see the huge jetty, but it was raining so much we didn't fancy the 1.89 kilometre walk out to the end.  

It was a pity as there is an underwater observatory at the end which would have been interesting.
We also stopped off at Yallingup to have a look.  The surf there was pretty scary looking.

After all that sightseeing in the rain, it was time to head for a drier spot.  Oh look, wineries everywhere!  Which one shall we choose?  We chose Cullen Wines, and had a very nice lunch and sampled their $105 chardonnay and $115 red something.  Just sampled them, we had the $35 bottles with lunch.

Finally we had enough of the rain and decided to head a bit further north to get away from it.  

Miss you all.

Merrilyn xx

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