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No photos for this bit - nothing interesting to show.

Fortunately, the rain let up enough for us to get packed up and on our way.  We weren’t really sure where we were headed when we left, just north!  The rain started again just after we left Augusta, with some very heavy showers.

This was probably the least interesting day of our travels so far, as we didn’t see anything particularly interesting, and we travelled on the freeway from Bunbury through Perth until the end of that particular road.  This took quite a long time and we were looking for a service station to stop for a toilet break for us and the dogs, and to get some lunch.  There was nothing without going some distance off the freeway for the whole time!  Very poor planning, and they have done such a good job with the railway line running down the centre.  By the time we eventually found somewhere, it was about 2.30.  No happy campers in the touring party at this stage.

We decided to press on, probably with a roadside stop overnight.  These were also a little scarce, so we ended up going into Cervantes having had enough driving for one day. Luckily, the one caravan park was pet friendly. 

We set up, not knowing how long we would stay, and the rain was continuing here so it was all a bit miserable. However things improved later when we went for a little walk to get something for dinner and rain make us seek shelter at the first place offering food.  The Sunday night special at the motel dining area was wood-fired pizza.  They were very good, so after a couple of glasses of bubbly and some good food, things were looking up.  We decided to stay a few days as we have plenty of time in hand before we get to Coral Bay, which is only a couple of days drive from Cervantes.


The rain continued at Cervantes on and off over the next few days. We managed to fit in a few activities between showers (not involving wineries unfortunately).

Just near Cervantes there is a lake called Lake Thetis which has examples of stromatolites.  Don't ask, because I'm still not sure what they are, even after reading the information.  All I know is that they are very old and there are very few places that have them.  

We did see some kangaroos while we were driving back, so it wasn't all a waste of time.

Back at camp later - more rain.

And more threatening clouds over Hanson Bay and the marina.

There are lots of good things about Cervantes and I'm sure it doesn't rain all the time.  The main industry there is rock lobster fishing. Everything there seems to feature rock lobster.  There is a very large Lobster Shack where you can buy lobster, the lobster sandwiches at the servo are apparently very good for breakfast (as proclaimed by some members of the touring party) and the Community Club does a wonderful seafood platter for 2 at $75 featuring ........... you guessed it LOBSTER!!!

Another exciting thing about Cervantes is that you can drive onto the beach.

That is Peter Brown driving along near the water.  And later doing a little bit of fishing at sunset at the same spot.

As with most places on the west coast, the sunsets are worth seeing (and photographing in the hope one will be spectacular).

There just happened to be a plane flying over at sunset which made for an interesting photo.

There was no boat ramp at Cervantes with boats having to be launched off the beach. This proved to be a trap for young, inexperienced players who just might have got into a bit of bother and had to be towed out! No names being mentioned but it could have been the male members of the touring party.

Just a bit further north from Cervantes was Jurien Bay, a bit bigger than Cervantes and a boat ramp to launch your boat for those of you fishing folk.

And just so we don't disappoint you by not mentioning food or wine, there was a lovely cafe by the jetty for lunch!

From Cervantes it was northward bound for Coral Bay, via Kalbarri. But more about that next time, boys and girls.

Merrilyn (happily relaxing in Coral Bay) xx

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