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We were undecided about where to stay next, so we called in to the information centre in Denmark to see what there was to do around the area.  It seemed that there was plenty!  We found the Rivermouth Caravan Park on the mouth of the Denmark River and the start of Wilson Inlet.  

It was a beautiful area and the park was very user friendly.  "Just choose your spot and then come back and tell us where you are" was the instruction at the office.  We found a lovely spot on the bank of the inlet with a bit of scrubby bush for the dogs to scratch around in. 
There were lots of birds on the inlet, pelicans, ducks and several varieties of seabird.  

While we were there the moon was quite spectacular on a couple of nights, with a bit of a "stairway to the moon" happening.

The morning on the inlet wasn't too bad, either!

There was other wildlife in the park as well as all the birds.

Plenty of fish in the inlet and blue swimmer crabs for the taking as well.

Denmark is located amongst green hilly areas and forests of very tall trees.  

Between Denmark and Walpole is the Valley of the Giants with the huge Red Tingle Trees.  These trees are the largest buttressing trees in the world, but have very shallow root systems so they are endangered if lots of people are walking around amongst them. The walkway that has been built through the trees makes it possible to walk amongst them without doing any damage.

Around Denmark there are lots of lovely bays and beaches.  

At Peaceful Bay, you can even drive onto the hard sand on the beach.

At William Bay, there are some spectacular rocks called Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool.

On the way back to Denmark from Walpole, there is a place that grow marron and sell them.  Out the front there is a big marron - one to add to the list if you are visiting big things! 

There are some unusual ones that are bright blue - they don't sell those ones!  

There are lots of wineries and "foodie" places to visit as well. One of them, Ducketts Mill, makes beautiful cheeses.  We had a lovely lunch there with a very large platter of all sorts of goodies, accompanied by a glass or two of wine.  They also had a very nice assortment of specialty chocolates.  We took a few samples home for later.

Another one of the local attractions, The Lake House, was a gorgeous setting for another delicious lunch and a little wine sampling.

So that's Denmark for your enjoyment.  A beautiful part of WA.

Merrilyn xx

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