Monday, 19 May 2014


WEDNESDAY, MAY 7 – MONDAY, MAY 12          

We had a lovely spot in the Pink Lake Caravan Park with plenty of room to set up.  This isn't always the case! However, there were gremlins afoot during the night. On Wednesday morning, something made me do strange things. I got up early, did washing (2 loads), had breakfast and a shower, all before 8 a.m.  Must be an evil spell, hope it doesn’t last.  It didn’t, fortunately was gone the next day.  That was too close for comfort.

The Browns got to Esperance before lunch on Friday after 4 days of relentless driving.  They were ready for a few days R & R.  Just the place to do it.


Sunday was Mothers’ Day, so Peter and Alan found a lovely place for lunch.  We sat outside in the sun, drank lovely wine and had delicious food.  We could even take the dogs there.  It was perfect.

After lunch, a walk along the beach opposite the restaurant was the day's exercise. 

There is some stunning scenery around Esperance.  The drive along the coast west of Esperance is beautiful.  Loath as I am to say it, it probably is better than our own Great Ocean Road.

We even saw some dolphins in the water - they are there, look a bit closer!

While we were in Esperance, bed number 3 for Millie was purchased. The plan now was for her to sit up the front with us, in the middle. There is not a lot of room there, so we'll see how that goes.  Can't keep buying new beds!

Well, that's your lot for today, next stop Denmark (even though we are actually past there now, in Augusta).


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