Friday, 3 May 2013

What have we been up to since Lake Maraboon,I hear you ask.  Well sit down, boys and girls, and I'll tell you.
After Lake Maraboon and the famous red claw, we headed off to Longreach via Emerald and Barcaldine.  The plan was to get there about lunch time, see the Hall of Fame, dinner at the Cattlemen's Bar and off the next morning bright and early.  The best laid plans ...  After a pleasant lunch in town, Jude and I wanted to look at a couple of shops.  Alan and Peter did what all men do when women are shopping, got lost (not easy in Longreach).  Jude and I went back to camp after looking everywhere for them and made a new plan.  Dinner as planned then Hall of Fame the next morning.

This time all went to plan - dinner was lovely and after a big sleep we visited the Hall of Fame and then headed off about 11 o'clock further west, towards the NT border. After a great driving effort by Alan and Peter we made it to the Walkabout Creek Hotel, of Crocodile Dundee fame (at McKinlay for those of you following on the map).  We set up camp in the very crowded parking area behind the hotel.

Lots more driving the next day, rocky outcrops around Mt Isa, long straight roads and hot sun.

More driving, crossed the NT border just after Camoweal.  Some excitement then - a car being pursued by 3 police cars.  Eventually passed the car pulled over about 60 kilometres further on.  We pulled into the oasis that is the Barkly Homestead at about 3.30.  Drinks, showers, more drinks and dinner in the bar, and we are all ready for another big days drive tomorrow.  From here we will head north to Cape Crawford, then turn west to Daly Waters for another night camped behind a country pub.  There seems to be a pattern emerging here!
It's all blue skies and happy campers here (although a trifle hot at times).

Now, we all know that it's a good day when you have learned something new, so here's a few things to pick from.

In 1870 Cobb and Co harnessed 6000 horses per day in Australia
We have now travelled 4,040 kilometres
The hottest temperature recorded in Australia was at Cloncurry - 53.1 degrees (not sure when, we went past the sign too quickly)
Fuel in Camoweal is $1.91.9 per litre
Peter Brown is super-competitive and will cheat to win
It is illegal in outback Australia to have more than 1 bend every 20 kilometres of road

There are hundreds of dead kangaroos on outback roads
Other dead things on outback roads are cows, sheep, emus, pigs, one caravan and maybe an echidna (not sure it was actually dead)
The speed limit on the Barkly Highway is 130 kph
People in black cars with dark tinted windows drive very fast in the Northern Territory
Policemen chasing people in black cars with dark tinted windows go even faster

I believe some people have had difficulty in trying to leave comments. A suggestion has been made that maybe only people on gmail can leave comments.  Anyway if you have tried, thanks for making the effort.

As we are heading into the wilds again, not sure when the next post will be, so until then thanks for listening, and you stay safe out there!  xxx


  1. I hope you stopped at the Shell servo in Cloncurry and admired my handy work.

    1. Sorry, Lukey Boy, didn't actually do that, but I'm sure it is still working wonderfully. xxx

  2. Sounds like a VERY hot adventure to me!!!! Would love to know who is in the black cars with tinted windows!!
    Take care and drive safely if you call 130 safe, although it doesn't look as if there are too many trees to hit! Glad its you paying the petrol bill. Hate to hear you always seem to be in a bar when I am on the VERY straight and narrow.

    1. It's all good, Karen, we definitely aren't travelling at 130! The petrol thing is a bit scary when you go to pay, and it's $450!
      We've been into some great pubs and bars! Not much sewing done! Missing our therapy sessions. xx