Sunday, 26 May 2013

All well on the truck front, the necessary testing proved everything was good to go.  A fantastic effort from the boys in Fitzroy Crossing who had never done anything like this before.  We are now in Broome for a few days, but more on that later.
After we left Home Valley Station, having wiped out the cane toad problem, we headed back east on the Gibb River Road.  Not sure if I have posted this already, but it was our intention to go all the way on the GRR to Derby and Broome.  We had allowed about a week for this.  Having talked to lots of fellow travellers, it seems much longer is needed to see everything along the way.  Rather than rush it, we decided to take the other route to Broome and hopefully come back to the GRR some time in the future when we have more time.  We hadn't been to Emma Gorge when we were at El Questro so we decided to stop there on our way back to Kununurra.  Along the way. we encountered two quite unusual sights.

It might not be very clear in the photo, but there are spots of rain on the windscreen!

A cyclist on this hot, dusty, corrugated, long way between stops road!

When we got to Emma Gorge, we thought we should do the walk to see the Gorge, otherwise we would just be there for a nice lunch at the restaurant, and I know you want to see more other than us eating and drinking.  So off we set, thinking this would be a nice pleasant walk on a day that was overcast, so not too hot.  Peter and Alan soon headed off like mountain goats, leaving Jude and I to muddle along by ourselves.  The pleasant path soon turned into a rock climbing expedition!  The path twisted and turned, always going up and always necessitating clambering over rocks.

We were passed by several people going up, and lots of people coming down.  We got several messages from those coming down, like "those two blokes up ahead of you said for you to keep going!"  Easy for them to say.  We did persevere, even after Jude had a fall and was left battered and bruised.  We kept getting more encouraging comments from those coming down, telling us it was worth the effort.  We were beginning to doubt it.

There were a couple of pretty pools on the way.  Just when we had nearly had enough, Peter and Alan appeared and said it wasn't much further.  They had already been up to the top of the Gorge and had a swim in the pool.  We eventually made it.

When we got to the bottom again, we read the notices that we should have read before we started - it is 3.2 kilometres to the top.  That means we walked, climbed, stumbled, clambered, complained for 6.4 kilometres.  Lunch and the gorgeous "Coco Loco" cocktail that we had in the restaurant was well deserved, so the photo is going in whether you like it or not.

Stay tuned for the next episode from Lake Argyle - a very special experience while we were there!

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