Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hello, my lovely blog followers.  So much to tell you since last we met, and so little time to do it.  We are currently is a bush camp between Halls Creek and  Kununurra, only bush around us and I have just discovered that I have internet access.  Not sure how that happens, but we are not far from Argyle Diamond Mine so maybe that is why.  (Apparently they don't give out samples, so we didn't bother going there). I'll have to review where we are up to before I post again.
Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday messages on the phone and on FB.  I didn't get them until a couple of days ago as we have been out of contact for quite a while.  I had a special birthday celebration at El Questro.  I debated long and hard about putting this photo on the blog as it is probably as bad a photo as you could get, but it is the only birthday one I have, so here it is.  Make sure no little children are exposed to it as it will give them nightmares!

And to make up for that terrible one, here is one of my birthday dessert which is much nicer!

I know you are all desperately crying out "We want more", but that's it for now.  We have had some amazing experiences which I want to share with you, but no more time now.  Loving the comments from everyone.  If you can't leave a comment on the blog, email and facebook are accepted too.  Miss you all. xxx

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