Saturday, 19 April 2014


You may have noticed that the blog has a new name, something a little more interesting.  

Since we moved here, a little over 8 years ago, we have been trying to come up with a name for our little bit of the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula.  After much research (thank you Ms Google) and family discussion, the popular choice is Warrawee.  This is an aboriginal word that seems to have a few different, although similar, meanings - stop here, stopping place, place to rest, rest a while.  We have chosen to combine the meanings as stop here; rest awhile.  This seems to be an appropriate name as visitors all seem to tell us that staying here is very restful.

I thought this might also be an appropriate name for the blog, and I hope you will stop here; rest a while as well.

In a few days we will be heading out the gate, turning right and then left, and won't be back for some time.  We are leaving things in the capable hands of Grant and Rose while we are away.

I hope you will call back soon to travel with us for the next few months.

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