Monday, 10 March 2014


I thought it might be time for a new blog post.  I'm sure there are followers everywhere just waiting for what's happening in my life!   Actually I have new camera so this is a good place to show some of what I am practising.  It's a real camera that makes a proper shutter noise when you take a photo. Thanks to the research my brother did when he was getting one, I just walked in to the camera shop and said "I'll have that one, thanks."  I have since got a new zoomy (that's a technical word used by photographers) lens, so I'm clicking all over the place.  I have been able to get much better photos of some of our lovely feathered visitors.

We have lots of the lovely little wrens in the garden, but they are very shy and it's hard to catch them.  The females are especially hard to see as they are brown.  This little one is either losing his blue feathers or just getting them as they are a bit scruffy looking.  I have read that they only have the blue feathers when they are mating but that may not be right.

These Eastern Rosellas are frequent visitors to the garden, but like the wrens they are shy and fly off at the slightest movement.  We do occasionally see a Crimson Rosella with the Easterns, usually only one at a time.

The lagoon is nearly dry at the moment (wouldn't we love some rain!) so the ducks have migrated to one of the dams.  If Millie (possibly a dog, but don't mention that in front of her) stays away from them we might have them around a bit longer.

This heron has also been frequenting the dam.

A couple of years ago when we had lots of rain, we had hundreds of birds just out the front of the house as the lagoon was only about 40 metres from the house.  We can only hope to get that sort of rain again!

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