Friday, 26 April 2013

Hello boys and girls, I know you've all been waiting anxiously for the first post, so here it is.
Apologies for the delay but we have been out in the wilds, beyond mobile phone coverage.
Everything is going splendidly so far, lots of driving but also lots of relaxing.  For those of you not familiar with the "beast", this is how we travel.


Day one involved a long day of driving with a planned overnight stop somewhere along the roadside.  We made it into NSW and pulled in to a little stopover as selected from the trusty free camps book.  Much to Jude's delight there was a food caravan there with real coffee.  They also served "Wally Burgers"!  I have to say, the place was called Wallendbeen so that probably explained the Wally Burgers.

Next stop was to be Mudgee for a couple of days, but unfortunately our visit coincided with the National Historic Machinery Rally (no I'm not kidding, it really exists) and there was no room at the inn (or any of the 3 caravan parks).  We remembered staying at Lake Windamere just south of Mudgee a couple of years ago so we decided to go there instead, and a bonus, there was fishing to be experienced there.  This excited Jude and I no end! Our two day stay there also involved lots of goodies for eating purchased at the wonderful Farmers' Market in Mudgee and tasting several lovely wines at the wineries.  Lunch at Oatleys Wines (Wild Oats Cafe, owned by the man who owns the super maxi of Sydney-Hobart fame, Wild Oats) where I had the best pizza I have ever had.

Goats cheese, roast kumera, roast capsicum and sweet chilli sauce!  Delicious.  (I know I said there wouldn't be any food photos, but maybe just a couple).

Next stop was at Copeton Waters State Park (near Inverell in NSW for those following us on the map) for a few days.  We had also stayed here before and it was a great place to camp. About 180 acres of parkland, but campsites with power and amenities (that means toilets for the uninitiated) and fires allowed as well!  What more could we want? Oh and there was fishing for Alan and Pete!

Beautiful sunny blue skies in the daytime and beautiful clear starry nights, although a little cold at night.  This did however give Jude a chance to wear her gorgeous pink ugg boots purchased at Big W in Mudgee for $7!  Yes, I did get some too, but mine are dull brown.

From here we parted company for a few days, Peter and Judy went to Noosa to visit friends and Alan and I headed for Emerald, more fishing at Fairbairn Dam!  After a very long days driving we are overnighting at Injune (in Queensland, north of Roma).  We'll all meet up again at Emerald on Sunday.

Having a great time so far, missing everyone at home.  Millie is behaving for the house/dog sitters, Sandra and Malcolm.  Alan wants me to include the fishing statistics so far
Lake Windamere - no fish due to blue-green algae (that's his story)
Copeton Dam - 4 yellowbelly, 3 redfin.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. You know that Luke will now have to go to the Wild Oats cafe to test your claim about the pizza!

    Take care
    Nelly Girl xxxx

  2. I don't think they deliver to Hobart, and it's a long way to go for a pizza. He'll just have to take my word for it. xx

  3. I must say that pizza looks delicious!

    1. It certainly was, Luisa. Not a traditional one, but very tasty.